Authentication for All

“We hit somewhat a watershed moment in January,” said Doug Hull of NCTC. Hull was referring to the availability of content from providers for multiscreen use. In the above interview, Hull and Robert Gessner of MCTV discuss how MCTV’s authentication solution have been integral to NCTC’s multiscreen solution, which over 90 NCTC members deployed for last year’s Olympics.

In the above interview, Hull and Gessner, discuss take-rates for multiscreen content (live content typically 8 to 10 times better than non-live), customer awareness and the challenges of acquiring and licensing content. Business model considerations, including audience measurement and which entities (programmer, affiliate  cable operator) control advertising avails, are still evolving. They also discuss the user interface and the challenges of creating a comfortable and consistent experience from channel to channel. Finally, Hull and Gessner touch upon the impact of wireless on multiscreen usage.

2013 ACA Summit coverage brought to you by the ACA and ViodiTV.

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