Fiber Connect 2022 Insight from the Broadband Ambassadors’ Broadband Ambassador

“We consider our members as broadband ambassadors,” says Matt Polka, outgoing president and CEO of ACA Connects. Echoing comments he made earlier on a Fiber Connect 2022 panel with leaders of other trade associations, Polka emphasizes the importance of efforts by broadband service providers to help customers understand the value of and unlock the benefits of broadband.

In the above interview, Polka provides an overview of the Fiber Connect 2022 track that ACA Connects ran for operators with traditional hybrid fiber coaxial plant, spoke about the upcoming Independent Show in Orlando, introduces his ACA Connects successor, and provides a preview of what “retirement” will look like.

Pittsburgh and the Allegheny Center Alliance Church communities are sure to benefit from Matt’s retirement, as his energy, enthusiasm, and skill at working with people will be of great benefit to his hometown.

Interview Highlights:

00:16 – Future-proofing networks using fiber was a theme of the Fiber Broadband Association’s Fiber Connect 2022 conference.

00:44 – Another theme of Fiber Connect 2022 is the importance of feet on the street to making fiber and broadband successful.

01:57 – The cable-centric track was new to Fiber Connect 2022. It is indicative of the popularity of fiber as the dominate last mile access solution in 2022.

03:22 – The discussion shifts to Gary Bolton’s comment that Zillow is going to indicate whether a home is served by Fiber to the Home.

04:21 – The Independent Show in Orlando, July 24-27th, will be Matt’s swan song. The above video features images from the last time it was there, including a few that reflect this year’s theme of, “charting a new paths”. Polka also introduces his successor, Grant Spellmeyer.

05:41 – Matt talks about how ACA Connects members have been his inspiration during his 25-years as president and CEO of ACA Connects.

06:50 – The ACA Connects community’s loss is the Pittsburgh’s gain, as Matt explains how he plans on working through his Church, the Allegheny Center Alliance Church, to help serve the needs of its community.

08:19 – It has been a great decade-plus working with Matt and his ACA Connects’ colleagues and for that @viodi will be ever grateful. As Polka reminds us, he will still be around on social media @MattPPens, so, even though he may retire, he will still be with us thanks to the Internet and broadband.

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