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A Digital Talent Multiplier #CES2020

Will the power of digital change the world of video creation yet again? Hour One with its Character OS could disrupt the world of short video creation. Focusing on business applications, Hour One promises businesses hassle-free video creation. Hour One uses real-life actors, which they supply or the business can bring, as the basis for […]

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Water Damage Prevention, Detection and More #CES2020

Millard Minton explains how his CES2020 award-winning invention prevents and mitigates water damage by turning off the supply to the house. Through a pressurization mechanism, the WaterSwitch turns on the supply when it senses demand. This same system also allows them to detect and understand where there might be a leak. Additionally, this clever gizmo […]

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Real-Life Touch Up #CES2020

There is an old story about a young woman who was the perfect beauty, except she had one imperfection; a mole. If she had Opte, she would have been able to literally print a pigment over the mole and cover it up (until she washed her face at night). Thomas Rabe, the inventor of Opteskin, […]

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The Virtual Referee Assistant #CES2020

Will the referee of the future be a robot? One has to ask that question after seeing ST37 Sport Et Technologie’s cameras effectively serve as a referee. Founded by a fencing champion, their product, Mia, offers the opportunity to assist and improve the judgment of existing referees. Mia combines a camera, edge processing, artificial intelligence, […]

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The Remote Audiologist #CES2020

A hearing aid that is practically invisible fits, snugly in the ear canal, and lasts 16-hours on a charge is an attractive option for those facing hearing loss. Couple that with an overall cost that is 50% less than traditional hearing aids and Eargo’s Neo HiFi solution could help the tens of millions of people […]

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Protect and Rescue, If Necessary #CES2020

A hardware device that will capture an image of your computer’s configuration, back-up all your files and provide virus and ransomware protection is what ResQ debuted at CES2020. Lose your computer or held up by a cyber bandit? No worries. Simply plug the ResQ Protect into your computer’s USB port and it will be restored […]

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The Accessible MRI – #CES2020

The capital costs associated with purchasing and preparing a site for an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine have limited the availability of this health diagnostic device. This is an issue in rural areas where the population density doesn’t justify the cost. Even, in urban hospitals, the demands and location of an emergency room relative to […]

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Tele-Physical Therapist #CES2020

Consistent rehabilitation after a stroke or surgery is critical to a patient’s recovery. This isn’t so easy if a physical therapist isn’t nearby, such as often the case in a rural setting. H-Robotics hopes to change that with a robotic attachment, rebless, that exercises arms, ankles, and legs, allowing the patient to receive therapy at […]

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Faster Diagnosis Through a Connected Microscope #CES2020

CEA-Leti’s demonstrates a microscope that is one-tenth of the cost of a traditional lens-based alternative. No need to send samples to the lab as healthcare professionals can operate this device at the patient’s bedside to diagnose spinal meningitis in about a minute. This could be a boon to rural areas that don’t have the equipment […]

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An IoT Device that Shines

It’s easy to be dismissive of bringing broadband into the home bathroom, but Shine CEO, Chris Herbert, makes a strong case for his company’s soon-to-be-released, IoT device, Shine Bathroom Assistant. Shine has a simple value proposition, which is the automated cleaning and maintenance of the commode. A loo that is always clean and that doesn’t […]

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