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Persevere with the Grit of Yesterday’s Leaders #WEC20

“Every phase of new technology goes through a curve full of excitement upfront, initial success and, as it grows, it hits speed bumps and don’t let that discourage you,” said Rich Fickle, CEO & President of NCTC. In the above video, Fickle reflects on the grit of the pioneers who built the cable television industry […]

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The Desktop Hologram Monitor #AWE18

A video hologram was the eye-catching display and product of Looking Glass at the Augmented World Expo. Starting at $499, this HDMI connected device, allows artists, designers, teachers and marketers represent their works and offerings in three-dimensions. With an SDK that has interfaces to Unity, SketchUp and more, it is possible to take 2D and […]

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And the Winner of this Year’s Elections….

Whatever the outcome of the local and national elections, the media business will be a winner, according to David Solomon, Chief Revenue Officer for Viamedia. Viamedia manages advertising for over 60 cable and IPTV operators nationwide. Solomon suggests that the ability to target on a geographic basis will make this a winning year for cable and […]

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A Platform for Pokémon Go and More #AWE16

Summer 2016 may be marked in history as the year that Augmented Reality turned the corner in terms of widespread adoption thanks to Pokémon Go. And the experience is somewhat crude, compared to what will soon be possible in the near future. At last month’s Augmented World Expo 2016, Osterhaus Design Group gave a glimpse of the future with smart […]

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Advertising Partnership Drives New Revenue for Existing Networks

Many years ago, a wise marketer suggested that the value from cross-promoting different parts of his triple play would, by itself, justify ad insertion in his channel line-up. His challenge was that there were higher priorities for his company’s staff and ad insertion was way down the list of priorities for his IPTV network. Fast-forward […]

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Merging Tech and Media to Promote Monetization

Making advertisements relevant to viewers is what YuMe does. Their ad platform brings Fortune 500 advertisers together with premium content networks.  With the analysis they provide, YuMe helps match the right ad to the right person at the right time on the right screen. An example of this sort of ad matching, is their recent […]

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