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Merging Tech and Media to Promote Monetization

Making advertisements relevant to viewers is what YuMe does. Their ad platform brings Fortune 500 advertisers together with premium content networks.  With the analysis they provide, YuMe helps match the right ad to the right person at the right time on the right screen.

An example of this sort of ad matching, is their recent announcement to bring Hyundai targeted advertisements to YuMe’s Connected Audience Network, reaching more than 147M video viewers, in the United States.

In the above video interview, YuMe’s Victoria Steinberg talks about the use of data analytics to personalize advertisements on second screens. She reinforces the idea that people will exchange ad viewing for free content, as their studies have indicated as much. She indicates that scale for advertising to the connected TV (whether connected set-tops, game consoles to direct to the TV) is reaching scale.

YuMe’s announcement to bring advertising supported, music videos via the VidZone app/service to the PlayStation®3 (PS3™) computer entertainment system is evidence that scale can exist on a relatively small-scale. This Pandora-like service for music videos will be an advertisement-supported channel using the YuMe ad platform.

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