Advertising Partnership Drives New Revenue for Existing Networks

Many years ago, a wise marketer suggested that the value from cross-promoting different parts of his triple play would, by itself, justify ad insertion in his channel line-up. His challenge was that there were higher priorities for his company’s staff and ad insertion was way down the list of priorities for his IPTV network. Fast-forward almost a decade later and his words echoed in my head as I spoke to Becky Jones, VP Marketing and Research for Viamedia, at The Independent Show.

Jones explained how their new ad insertion solution, Viamedia GO, provides operators, with as few as 1,500 subscribers, a new revenue stream, without having to invest in ad insertion hardware, sales force or creative. Their relationship with ad targeting technology company, Invidi, allows advertising beyond the first screen and is a contributing factor to why CableFAX awarded them its Cable Technology Award this week. That award also points to the ever evolving advertising market and the importance of continual investment in technology, operations, creative and sales.

After the interview and as we were about to walk away, I recognized Jaime Montes from SureWest. SureWest, a pioneer in IPTV and at one point the largest U.S. provider of IPTV, had the desire, but never the resources for ad insertion. In this impromptu interview, Montes explains how Viamedia’s ad insertion solution is helping to drive new revenue through ad sales, as well cross-promotion of other SureWest products.

Thanks Viamedia for advertising with ViodiTV on the hotel channel at The Independent Show.

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