The Golden Age of Local TV Advertising

We are going through a a golden age; a renaissance; of TV programming,” said Mark Lieberman president and CEO of Viamedia. “It is the best platform; the most engaging platform for advertisers to get across their message.” He was referring to the value of television for advertisers. In the above video interview, Lieberman discusses how Viamedia and its division, Placemedia, are introducing an automated, end-to-end programmatic solution to make TV advertising even more valuable for local advertisers.

Programmatic buying of advertising has had some level of success on the web by allowing advertisers and publishers (or ad networks acting on their behalf) to purchase/sell and fulfill advertising on a computer-to-computer basis. This allows for ad purchases and fulfillment that are automated, real-time and dynamic.

From an advertiser perspective, a programmatic approach promises to improve their ad campaign results (delivering the right ad to the right person at the right time) and, as such, they are willing to pay more per ad; which is also a win for the publisher. For the human who consumes and ad, it is a better experience, as it is the type of advertisement he wants to see.

And it is getting traction, as Proctor and Gamble wants to use programmatic buying for 70 to 75% of its digital media by the end of 2014. Still, even in the web space, the human touch is needed with Ad Age suggests that, “Currently only about 20% of online ad buying is conducted through so-called “programmatic” technologies…”

What Lieberman describes is an online portal that makes it easy for local advertisers to buy TV advertising and place their advertisements in front of a desired audience basis (which could conceivably an audience aggregated across TV channels). Big data from various sources – including set-top data supplied by Rentrak and consumer data from Experian, Axciom and Polk – will be the silent helper that matches advertisers with their desired audiences. Lieberman explains that this 3rd-party data will allow for much more precision than traditional audience measurement techniques, which relied on relatively small sample sizes and infrequent sample rates.

Their existing advertising network, their MVPD relationships and their 300 “feet on the street” are strategic advantages, according to Lieberman. He describes a crawl-walk-run approach where their local sales and marketing personnel help advertisers set up the advertising campaigns and associated rules. Launching this summer, their Local Engage solution will evolve into a complete programmatic video advertising platform for linear, VOD, online and mobile video.

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