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More than a Pocket-Size Drone for the Next-Generation Selfie #CES2017

The concept of a drone as a vehicle for capturing selfies is not new. For the selfie application of a drone, size, weight and convenience of operation are often more important than specifications. Beijing-based, Zerotech may have the answer for better selfies, as its DOBBY drone is pocket-sized, weighs around seven ounces and features one-click […]

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Local Content, OTT and a Top 10 User Experience

Given the old saying about the weather being a topic of conversation of interest to all people, it stands to reason that micro weather forecasts would be a popular program on a local content channel. In the above interview, Clint Carter, Director | Technology and New Service Introduction for North Central Telephone Cooperative, talks about how […]

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Promoting Local Content

This is part two of a panel on local content creation and distribution that I moderated at the 2011 Broadband Properties Summit.  In this final question to our esteemed panel, the question of how best to promote local content.  A common theme in the panelists responses was the importance in getting the community involved both […]

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Side by Side Camcorder Comparison

Filmed at the Directors Guild of America, Viodi had a chance to do a side-by-side comparison of two professional camcorders. Unfortunately, we didn't realize the audio amplifier was turned off when we recorded the above video.  The good news is that we will be talking about our experience with these two devices at our Local Content […]

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Local Content – Putting Smiles on Customers’ Faces

Local content as a way to serve the community was a common theme of a panel I moderated at the 2010 Broadband Properties Summit. As expected, Cullen McCarty of Smithville Telephone and Gary Evans of HBC provided an excellent overview of how they are helping their communities by serving up content about and by the […]

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Using Monopod as Steadicam

Maintaining a steady camera can be difficult for many. This video demonstrates an inexpensive alternative to somewhat bulky, and often expensive steadicams. I've been using a monopod for several years now and find that the counter weight and fulcrum effect of the monopod works well to steady the camera. Propping the pod into your waist […]

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May 2006 Local Content Workshop Overview and Content Pavilion Award

The May 2006 Local Content Workshop in Eden Prairie, MN was great fun, as Adobe spoke about the prevalence of Flash as a tool for enabling Internet video. The highlight of this abbreviated workshop had to be the presentation made by the team of Adam Saltmarsh and Shalon Wilber of diversiCOM. It was a great […]

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The Other Kind of IP

I was once told by an Electrical Engineer that his job was to produce paperwork. That is, in order for a product to successfully transition from an engineering to a manufacturing environment, it must be well documented. Producing video content is very similar to designing an electronic circuit. The fun part of the process is […]

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But Everyone Loves A Parade:

One of the points of Viodi’s local content workshop is that creativity is not limited to certain locales, such as Hollywood and New York, or to the youth. To prove my point, I look no further than to my brother-in-law’s father, Ed Batinich. Ed, who is a spry 83 years young, exhibits the same sort […]

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