Augmenting the Human Customer Service Touch

“Constantly looking at the data will teach you where to go,” states Sandy Hendrick, Marketing Supervisor of HTC. Speaking at WEC2020, Hendrick emphasizes the importance of delivering the right message in the right medium at the right time to help deliver the best possible customer experience.

Looking at the process as one of education helps HTC provide a consistent message, regardless of where the customer is in her journey. It also helps to understand who they are talking to, so the message is delivered in the right way. Hendrick says that backend automation helps them target their message. Hendrick emphasizes that “Constantly looking at the data will teach you where you want to go.”

In addition to delivering a customer experience, automation has helped them become more efficient. Hendrick indicates that HTC has added 20,000 service accounts in the last five years, while at the same time the number of services per employee from 200 to 250. Despite this increased efficiency they have improved customer satisfaction.

The backend automation has freed staff to focus on different things to make a better customer experience. He emphasizes that automation isn’t about reducing jobs, but it is changing the nature of the jobs. Data is central to their outreach. According to Hendrick, “Every decision we make is a data-driving decision.”

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