From 0 to 22k Subscribers in 2 Years

Kayla Wade details how OEC Fiber’s success in going from zero to 22,000 subscribers is directly related to following the Golden Rule.* That is, first and foremost, OEC Fiber staff treats its customers the way they would want to be treated. This means their focus is on transparency, accountability, and accessibility.

From a relationship perspective, this means surprising and delighting the customer with an outstanding customer experience. This experience begins when the customer is still a prospect and beginning the onboarding process. Brandt explains that workflow automation allows OEC Fiber to keep its customers aware of their order status.

At the same time, automated workflows keep the different departments on the same page. She emphasizes how the departments work together to ensure good communications. This prevents silos that would slow down deployments or harm the customer experience.

She also touches upon the different ways OEC reinforces its brand, such as through clothing and branded items. One of the unique ways they do this is with hand-written notes to each new customer. This practice was started by OEC’s president and has been ramped up, courtesy of Handwrytten, a robot writing service.

OEC Fiber is a model for how an electric cooperative can serve its members by creating a broadband-specific organization.

*Congratulations to Kayla and her recent nuptials.

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