Broadband as a Lifestyle Service – #FiberConnect2023

Workforce training is a subject of immense importance in the nationwide buildout of fiber-to-the-home networks as evidenced by its prominence as a topic at the recent Fiber Connect 2023 conference. In the above interview, Craig Thomas, VP of Business Development, and Strategic Marketing for the Broadband Forum, emphasizes the breadth and depth of opportunities available that go beyond the construction of the network.

Thomas points out that there is a pressing need for new, enthusiastic individuals to join and help with the continued growth of the industry. Growth is about more than speed and includes the services and experiences that can be offered atop a broadband offering. This evolution underscores the vast potential for career growth within the industry.

Services Will Differentiate Broadband Connections

Thomas also reflects on the Broadband Forum’s BASe sessions from the previous day, which had experts discussing everything from home connectivity management to the suite of services layered on top of basic connections. These services and applications can either be housed in containers within home gateways, operate from the cloud, or a mix of both. This flexibility offers myriad opportunities for service providers to introduce and monetize new applications.

Furthermore, with telematics, service providers can gain insights into user habits and, understand the unique requirements that drive their broadband experiences. This data can be pivotal in creating a better customer experience and reducing churn (more on churn in a future post). It also sets the stage for up-sell opportunities and for packaging services that meet specific customer needs.

For instance, professionals working from home would want their connections to be absolutely secure. Similarly, while a gamer might not prioritize an 8-gigabit service, they would certainly desire low latency for a seamless gaming experience. Thomas cites the example of gamers who willingly pay an additional $20-25 per month for a latency-optimized gaming experience.

Thomas suggests that with the continued growth of new applications – from education to telemedicine to gaming to augmented and virtual reality -, the fiber network becomes more than just a connection. It is about broadband as a lifestyle service; a service that will increasingly be a necessity.

Interview Highlights

ViodiTV coverage of FBA’s Fiber Connect 2023 courtesy of Calix.

Special thanks to Brett Heier for filming.

Disclosure: Viodi filmed and edited the 2022 CloudCO demonstration and will be doing similar production for their 2023 Broadband Forum Plugfest.

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