From Cheerleader to Rodeo Champion – #TIS19

Breaking barriers and breaking broncs is one way to describe what RIDE TV’s Sarah Brown and her teammates are doing on the rodeo circuit. RIDE TV cameras have been documenting the groundbreaking adventures of these pioneering women through the TV show, Cowgirls.

And there is no script for the women of this reality-based TV show, as Sarah and her cohorts travel the country doing something that was commonplace in the Wild West and that evolved in the late 1800s from a necessary horse breaking skill into what might be considered the first extreme sport.

The 1930 death of Bonnie McCarroll was a major setback to women’s participation in the sport and Cowgirls is reviving it through the power of television and video.

In the above interview, Brown explains how she went from cheerleading to bronc busting. The skills needed for her profession are not found in college but come from literally jumping on the horse. The adrenaline rush and the thrill of competition drive her desire to hone her skills at a grueling sport.

As Brown and her cohorts travel the U.S., they are blazing new metaphorical trails for women in a male-dominated sport. Judging from Brown’s comments, their efforts are being noticed by little girls who hope to someday emulate the women they are viewing today.

The above interview was filmed at TIS19 and includes some fun shots of Sarah getting a piggy back ride from the Cub’s mascot at Wrigley Field.

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