#TIS19 Overview – Feeling Like Part of the Family

With close to 100 participants, the inaugural Marketing Innovators Group meeting was a huge success and an example of the increasing marketing focus NCTC is bringing to its members. In the above interview, Pam Gillies, NCTC’s Vice President of Marketing and Communications, provides an overview of that pre-TIS 19 event, which included speakers discussing techniques for reaching customers using various forms of digital and physical outreach.

Reflecting the fun nature of the Independent Show, this pre-meeting also featured a networking event and a team-building exercise featuring spaghetti and duct tape. Gillies also provides her perspective as a first-time attendee to TIS 19 and comments that this year’s event made her “feel like part of the family.”

Stay tuned for more coverage of TIS19, including interviews with speakers from the Marketing Innovators Group.

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