A Great Message for All of Us – #TIS19

“It was a great message for all of us,” said Matt Polka, president, and CEO of ACA Connects. Polka was referring to the presentation by Jeff Corwin, biologist, wildlife conservationist and CuriosityStream TV host, where he emphasized the importance of protecting the natural environment.

In the above interview, Polka discusses some of the highlights of the 2019 Independent Show, including their work in Washington regarding retransmission consent. He briefly touches upon the Modern Television Act of 2019. He emphasizes that this sort of bipartisan (Eshoo & Scalise) legislation is a result of many years of education and ACA Connects’ members telling their stories in Washington.

Polka explains that Cybersecurity was another area of focus at TIS19, with Bill Conner, President & CEO of SonicWall providing an overview of the threat. Conner’s presentation was followed up by a panel of experts, moderated by Shentel’s Tom Whitaker, which featured an FBI agent as one of the panelists.

Stay tuned for a future interview with SonicWall’s Bill Conner.

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