Agile Training Leads to Progression Opportunities #Summit26

“If you look at the Millennial and Generation Z generations is that investment [in employee training & development] and being able to see a progression opportunity as it keys in with employees and builds loyalty to organizations,” says Stacey Slaughter, President & CEO of NCTI.  Speaking at the ACA Connects Summit 26, Slaughter points out that employee development becomes a must-have for a company to stay competitive, both in terms of providing great customer service as well as retaining and attracting staff.

She describes NCTI’s certification programs, as well as their unique partnership with Arapahoe Community College that confers Associate degrees as part of a comprehensive training program.  The online nature of this program allows participants to study while working a full-time job. Participants hail from all 50 States and beyond. NCTI will even host a party for those who travel to Denver to “walk” with their fellow graduates.

Slaughter describes how both the tech and content development teams use an agile process for keeping NCTI’s content and its delivery up-to-date. They keep everyone in the company on the same page with weekly updates, she says,

“We bring the whole company together every Thursday afternoon and they [the tech and content development teams] review the updates that are being deployed out in the marketplace for both teams.”

Expanding the agile process to content development was something they felt was necessary to keep up with the speed of the industry and to ensure their training program remains relevant and timely to its students and employers.

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