From Standards to Training & More #Summit26

SCTE-ISBE is unique in its dual role as standards body and technology training and information hub for telecommunications’ professionals. As a grassroots organization built by members at the chapter-level, it brings a bottom-up, practical approach to standards.

Still, SCTE-ISBE CEO and president, Mark Dzuban indicates, that about 10-years ago, they realized they needed to change the way they viewed the industry, particularly around training. Dzuban points out that SCTE’s role as a standard body keeps them at the forefront of the type of training that the telecommunications’ workforce will need.

Data on the type of training that is needed and the effectiveness of that training is driven by their back-end analytics program. What Dzuban describes is a personalized training programming that helps telecom professionals optimize their learning path at their own pace to meet their and their employer’s respective goals. The training packages are online and feature eBooks, 3D simulated environments and virtual games.

Dzuban talks about the SCTE-ISBE Leadership Institute at Tuck Executive Education at Dartmouth and its importance in creating effective “force multipliers” for improved efficiency. He points out that the people who attend this program are involved with the majority of the capital and operational expenses of a company. The pent-up demand for admission to the program is an indicator of its success.

In the end, everything SCTE-ISBE does about the network, as that drives the revenue for his members’ employers. And that work starts in the field, where Dzuban hails from and still enjoys associating with the people who are building and making the network work. The real-world insight that these members bring, gives SCTE-ISBE a practical perspective to the world of technical standards.

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