Home Surveillance & More via Radio Frequency Signatures #CES2017

A pair of devices that uses existing WiFi to detect movement in a house with no need for cameras is what Cognitive Systems promises with its Aura sensors. These sensors detect disturbances in the radio frequency signals emitted by home WiFi routers to determine motion, which makes it ideal for home surveillance, as well as other applications, such as elder care.

Dr. Taj Manku, CEO and Founder of Cognitive Systems, explains in the above video that their technology is integrated at the chip level, allowing the analysis to occur locally. He also hints at additional relationships, such as the one announced with Qualcomm, whereby the technology will be integrated into the chips that power WiFi mesh routers.

Their signatures are refined enough to tell the difference between a dog and cat.  In conjunction with their app, they  can identify the presence of specific people. Cognitive indicates that the Aura technology is especially suited for those use-cases where a camera may not be appropriate or wanted, such as what they identify as:

A starter kit costs $298, which covers a 1,500 square foot home, includes a hub and a beacon, both of which simply plug into a standard wall outlet. Additional beacons may be added to extend coverage for larger houses.

As would be expected given the relationship with Qualcomm, this Waterloo, Ontario-based company is talking to service providers about offering this technology as part of a service offering. Stay tuned, as there are sure to be major announcements, as they are a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree.

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