X-Ray Vision Via a Smart Phone Accessory #CES2017

Everyone can have super human eyes using Vayyar’s low-cost, 3D imaging sensors. Vayyar makes an integrated circuit that operates from 3.5 to 10 GHz with up to 24 antennas to give objects sight. From security (see what’s on the other side of the wall) to health (detect heart beat) to finding a stud or a mouse in the wall, the applications seem endless.

With their new software SDK, they have opened up their integrated product to third-parties. Although not mentioned in the above interview, the application that inspired its development is the low-cost, early detection of breast cancer. Starting at less than $100 for their consumer product, the Walabot, this low-cost technology could be a game changer in areas that cannot afford traditionally expensive medical diagnostic equipment.

With a just announced C-round of financing of $45M, Vayyar has the funding to continue to develop its technology to make the world more transparent.

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