What Do Customers Want?

Knowing what customers want is the universal quest for service providers and manufacturers. Emily Hossellman has a first row seat to the frustrations and excitement that customers feel with new products in her role as Director of Marketing for Centercode has garnered some valuable insight into how people feel about smart home products. As background, Centercode provides service providers and manufacturers with a platform to test their offerings and products with real customers, prior to commercial rollout.

As Hossellman points out in the above interview, they strive to have a cross-section of testers to ensure results aren’t biased in a particular direction. Last November they surveyed their U.S. base of testers and found some valuable insight, as seen in the infographic images below. Climate control is the most desired product, which makes sense as it provides both comfort and potential energy savings. The majority of buyers are between 31 to 50 and make less than $80,000 per year. Product control is the main motivation for buyers, while cost is the main inhibitor for non-buyers. Home security and smart lights are poised for the most growth.

People love the convenience, accessibility and ease of use of smart home devices, but the flip side is that they are frustrated by the connectivity, interoperability and setup difficulty. Hossellman points out many people are concerned whether the smart home products they are purchasing will meet their respective expectations and provide the hoped for value.

She points out that the smart home needs to get to the point where it is effortless; that is, the user interface just blends into everyday life. She suggests we are getting close to that vision; that is a vision that every customer wants.

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