The Cloud as the Secret Sauce to Home Automation

Chamberlain Advertisement in June 2012 Issue of American Way

Chamberlain Advertisement in June 2012 Issue of American Way

The ability to inexpensively connect any device within the home to the cloud is allowing companies to create direct, long-term relationships with their customers. Shane Dyer, CEO of Arrayent, explains how this interconnection combined with the resulting rich data is changing the way organizations work.

Dyer points out that, “Systems beats products.” That is, a strong connected home ecosystem facilitates the introduction of various home automation products. He suggests that the cloud serves as an intermediary between the disparate technology approaches chosen by different suppliers. Arrayent provides the networking designs for a variety of LAN and HAN standards. Dyer says their secret sauce is the cloud-platform operating system that allows other developers to create applications that control devices via smart phones, tablets, etc.

Dyer suggests that retailers, service providers and brand-name manufacturers are all looking to solidify relationships with their customers through a connected platform. One example he gives in the above interview is Chamberlain and the integration of network connectivity in its garage door openers. As further evidence of network connectivity as both a selling point and important relationship builder, this reporter noted Chamberlain’s advertisement in the airline magazine on his flight home from the Connections Conference.

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