Hands Free Smart Phone Gaming #CES2016

A depth finding device, like the Microsoft Kinect, that allows one to interact with content without need for a controller is the promise of the hardware and software solution from VicoVR. What is different about this is that it allows one to control content on an inexpensive android device without touching the device. This allows for full body virtual reality experiences with a very low-cost and portable device. The above video features clips of this author immersed in 3DiVi’s boxing application that is one of more than 20 applications that will be available when this device, that according to the VicoVR website, begins shipping this month [Added 4:29 PST – Dmitry Morozo indicates in an email that developer’s kits will begin shipping this month with crowdfunding for production models set for May].

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    Tom’s hardware has a more in-depth analysis of this device at,31045.html

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