Discovering Insights With the Data That’s Already There #Summit21

“The biggest savings are operational,” says R.J. Juneau  of Maxxian.  In the above interview, filmed at the 2014 ACA Summit, Juneau talks about the operational and revenue improvements they have seen with the implementation of their system in operators’ headends.  For instance, one operator found a 15% drop in customer-support, truck rolls by implementing the Maxxian solution.

What Juneau describes is a sort of middleware that works with existing operating support and billing systems to extract anonymous data to allow the operator to discover insights into their system that they wouldn’t otherwise know. It isn’t a cookie-cutter approach in that each deployment is customized for a particular operator environment and it spans technologies from cable modems to set-tops. In today’s “cloud everything” environment, their model is a unique in that critical customer data stays on the operators’ premise.

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