50 Capitals for 25 Years

The C-SPAN Bus made news for its appearance in Juneau, as part of C-SPAN’s ongoing celebration of a quarter century of supporting its affiliates and their customers with educational tours via its familar bus. In the above interview, C-SPAN VP of Affiliate Relations, Peter Kiley, discusses the 2018 tour, which is making stops in all 50 state capitals.

Some of these stops are quite challenging, such as the recent Alaska stop, where a barge had to transport the bus from Bellingham, Washington to the road-inaccessible, Juneau. Kiley explains that these visits are in coordination with the local affiliates; in the case of Alaska, the affiliate being GCI.

Kiley stresses the importance of the affiliate relationship in bringing C-SPAN’s treasure trove of educational material and resources to teachers and students. He alludes to the C-SPAN’s roots as a public service paid for by access fees from its affiliates. This advertising-free service, started in 1979, brought a new level of transparency to an era when the airwaves were dominated by the Big Three television networks.

Kiley indicates that C-SPAN continues to stick to their core mission of capturing the events and letting viewers interpret what they saw.  He says it is important that the discussions they host are balanced. An example of one of those programs is Newsmakers.

Kiley thanks ACA’s Matt Polka for his many appearances on Newsmakers and congratulates him and ACA for its 25 years of representing small telecom operators in Washington D.C.

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