Home Energy Management as Content

“The furnace and the air conditioner in the average home accounts for almost 50% of energy use, so, it’s a big-ticket item about a $1,000 a year in the average home,” according to John Steinberg, EVP of Business Development and Co-Founder of EcoFactor.  EcoFactor provides an energy management service with an initial focus on heating and cooling, as these are the  items that have a big impact on the average consumer’s utility bill. 

Steinberg explains an important factor in energy management adoption is that it must run in the background so that the consumer doesn’t need to be, “a facilities manager.”  According to EcoFactor, “EcoFactor’s proprietary, cloud-based software incorporates real-time weather data and consumer interaction to give customers continuously evolving, personal ‘smart home’ energy plans.”

In this interview, Steinberg explains some of the unique models that their retail partners are using to sell EcoFactor’s service.  For instance, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning) service providers are looking at bundling the EcoFactor monitoring with heating/cooling system maintenance packages.  The EcoFactor monitoring allows the HVAC provider to proactively tune residential HVAC systems, improving efficiency.

He explains the unique way they can make Demand Response systems more efficient (think pre-cooling a house before peak demand), which benefits the utilities by shaving peak power demand.  For their broadband service provider partners, they provide content for their broadband pipes.  This interview was filmed just after EcoFactor’s announcement that they are providing the underlying software solution for Comcast’s home energy management application.

[ViodiTV coverage of the Smart Energy Summit 2012 brought to you by Parks Associates.  Music to the above video provided by the People Power Band.]