Demystifying Home Energy Technology at Retail

“Our job is to demystify the technology,” said Kristen Bowring Senior Director, Platform Lead, Home and Energy Management at Best Buy at the 2012 Smart Energy Summit. In this interview, Bowring explains how Best Buy has created home energy departments in three of their stores, in partnerships with utilities, to test how they can educate customers about smart energy. He indicates that consumers’ real world behavior is different from what they suggest in surveys.

These departments allow consumers to try the technology. He suggests people drift into these display areas.  Putting the departments next to the appliance department helps drive awareness, as the high energy consumption items in the appliance department are a natural bridge to managing energy. He suggests the technology is bigger than energy management and is about lifestyle management.

Bowring is a keynote at Parks Associates’ Connections Conference in Dallas, TX, the first week of June.

[ViodiTV coverage of the Smart Energy Summit 2012 brought to you by Parks Associates.  Music to the above video provided by the People Power Band.]