The Heat Is On & Helping Monitor the House

Heat sensing with personal devices is about to take off, according to an article in today’s Wall Street Journal. In the above interview, Rob Riordan, EVP and director of corporate development for Nsight, talks about using thermal technology to add more accurate detection to their home monitoring service. We caught up with Riordan at International CES 2014, where he talks about the success Nsight has had in offering home monitoring services to its Wisconsin customers.

The addition of thermal imaging is an example of one of the technologies that Riordan is looking at to improve the customer experience with home monitoring. Incremental improvements to home monitoring is important, so that people can trust the signals a home monitoring system provides. Trust is a big reason for the success that Nsight is seeing with home monitoring services.

Riordan talks about how Nsight found a gap in their local market for the home monitoring services and how they have carved out a profitable niche that is complementary to their mobile and fixed line business. Riordan talked about these ideas with Viodi years ago and it is clear that the Nsight team have implemented Riordan’s vision and continue to refine it as technology improves.