More Efficient and Better Customer Support

Does automation mean a reduction in jobs? Not necessarily, as proven by the this innovative independent telecommunications’ cooperative that built on the productivity gains offered by its Fiber to the Home network to improve the quality of service. In this exclusive video interview, Kari Nishek, IS Applications Manager, explains how DRN retrained their work force to provide in-home customer/tech support, after they implemented an all-fiber network with auto-provisioning; this configuration reduces the need for truck rolls and reduces operational costs.

Another important point is by being a local business with local employees, DRN has been able to find applications that would be overlooked if their management and staff were located in some metropolitan region, away from the service area. A case in point is an application they are looking at to add sensors to propane tanks, potentially improving the efficiency of another local business. Without DRN’s broadband network and local expertise, this application and solution would have never been identified.

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