A Complete Rural Fiber Solution

The Corning/NTCA announcement at the latter’s RTIME 2023 was more than a supply deal that includes more than 46 million feet of fiber optic cable. It was about supplying the right kind of products to help make fiber installations cost-effective for the unique requirements of rural America.

In the above interview, Corning VP of Emerging Markets and NA Channels, Keith Martin, describes how they had to tailor their products to serve environments of five to ten homes (or less) per mile, as opposed to higher-density suburban and urban locales.

Martin explains how Corning engineers modified their FlexNAP product for one or two fiber drops. He indicates that that allows their connectorised solution to be at material cost parity with fiber splicing in the range of 8 to 10 homes per mile.

More importantly, pre-connectorised fiber drops simplify installation, eliminate fiber splicing, and reduce labor costs. It goes beyond costs, as labor for splicing fiber is not always available, as Martin points out.

Another key part of their total solution is their software, which easily allows the broadband service provider to design Flex Cap into their network.

Martin indicates they have been working with partners on self-installation kits that include connectorised drop cables. He complements the resourcefulness of rural landowners and that, as such, they are well-suited for self-installs. These end customers reflect the resourcefulness of the NTCA providers that bring the fiber out to rural America.

ViodiTV coverage of NTCA’s RTIME 2023 courtesy of Calix.

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