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Applications Driving the Need for Rural Broadband

“If it’s a covered service, then the insurance company should pay for it, whether it is electronically delivered or a face-to-face delivery,” said attorney Michael Keeling. Keeling was referring to recently passed Arizona legislation (Arizona Senate Bill 1353) that puts telemedicine on a level playing field with health care delivered in person. He points out that […]

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Getting People to Work Together

“The thing that really pleased me is that those two mayors were willing to put aside their geographic boundaries  their voting constituent boundaries and to say, ‘if we collaborate, then this entire area will benefit,’” said Hilda Legg Vice Chair of the 2013 Broadband Communities Summit and former Administrator of the Rural Utilities Service. Legg […]

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Broadband on the Shores of Superior

One of the best things about conferences is catching up with people and hearing the progress they are making in helping their communities stay up-to-date with the latest in technology. A little more than a year ago, we visited the folks at Arrowhead Electric Cooperative, Inc. in Lutsen, MN and caught a glimpse of their […]

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Rural Areas Tucked Away in Plain Sight

“Cows in Berkeley,” was a long-time tag-line for a Bay Area producer of dairy products. It spoke to the idea that in the middle of the urban sprawl of the San Francisco Bay Area, rural areas are tucked away in plain sight. The hilly geography combined with the massive bay creates areas that, although close […]

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We Are Different than the Big Guys

“Washington talks very much about we need to get more broadband into rural areas, but they are still regulating smaller companies many times as if they are larger companies,” said ACA president and CEO, Matt Polka. Polka indicates that regulations threaten his members’ ability to not only offer broadband, but to stay in business. Echoing […]

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Wireless Needs Fiber, Not Pixie Dust

“It’s very difficult for policy makers to keep up with what the industry is actually doing,” said Shirley Bloomfield, CEO of NTCA. The implication is that it is unclear how rules will change due to slow reaction of policy makers to fast-moving innovation. As a result, operators face uncertainty, which, to some extent, holds back […]

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North to Alaska – Broadband Around the 49th State

Alaska is a state like no other in terms of geographic size, topography, climate and low population density. Many of its communities are isolated and air or sea travel are sometimes the only ways to get to those locales. In this context of physical isolation, the communications infrastructure is especially critical. As pointed out by […]

Stories from the Heartland

Local Grants Help Educators Help Community

Local educators teaching neighbors is what Consolidated Telcom of  Dickinson, North Dakota is enabling with their new $20k grant program. As Rhonda Dukart, marketing and public relations director for Consolidated Telcom, explains, this program is about helping people stay current with technology. The grants leverage the existing computer and communications resources of local schools in communities Consolidated […]

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3M Connectivity Points in 18 Months in Ohio

Connecting the rest of Ohio with broadband is the goal of Agile Networks. In this interview at the TIA 2012, Agile Networks’ CTO Kyle Quillen explains how they will be using a hybrid network of fiber and wireless to bring broadband to both the unserved and served areas of Ohio.  The roots of this project […]

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The Rural Banker

For 75 years, the RUS has jump started rural water, electricity and telecom infrastructure projects. In this video interview at the 2021 Broadband Communities Summit, RUS Deputy Administrator, Jessica Zufolo, talks about the role of the RUS, the changing business environment and the importance of having advanced technology infrastructure in rural areas.

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