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Fiber as a Condo Association & Other Creative Ways to Enable Broadband

Roughly 27% of the U.S. population lives in some sort of homeowner, condo association, or housing cooperative, according to research from the Foundation for Community Association Research. These associations are fundamentally about managing the ownership of shared property and associated assets. As seen in the above interview, Isfandiyar (Asfi) Shaheen believes a similar customer-ownership model […]

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A Smarter, More Resilient Grid

“We are deploying broadband, we are partnering to deploy broadband and we are trying to bring high-speed Internet to rural America,” said Paul Breakman, Senior Director – Business Technologies Strategies, NRECA. Speaking at Calix ConneXions, Breakman provided an overview of the enormous opportunity NRECA members have to bring broadband to their respective members. The National […]

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Rural Pole Attachments Uncertainty Impacts Broadband Rollout #TIS17

“How do you bid on getting some of the CAF money not knowing how much it is going to cost you to get the network,” said Earle MacKenzie, the now-retired CEO of Shentel? Speaking at the 2017 Independent Show, MacKenzie was referring to the challenges of navigating multiple rules and, in some cases, cost-prohibitive pole […]

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An Eagle Eye on Delivering State-of-the-Art Communications

“The Internet is one of those shining spots that’s really allowed industry to grow, allowed small businesses and even the smallest parts of our world they are able to compete because of the Internet and there has been a light-regulatory touch.” said Gary Shorman at TIS 17. As President and CEO of employee-owned Eagle Communications […]

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2016 MTA Convention & Tradeshow Overview

Minnesota Telecom Alliance president/CEO, Brent Christiansen, provides an overview of what to expect at the 2016 MTA Annual Convention and Tradeshow. Overlaid on to his comments are video clips that provide a flavor of this annual event that draws people from communications providers from the Upper Midwest. Stay tuned for more exclusive ViodiTV coverage of the 2016 […]

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Broadband Is Rural Economic Development

Regardless of whether it is agriculture, education, manufacturing or service industries, broadband is a must-have infrastructure to spur rural economic development, says Jessica James Golden, Strategic Outreach Manager of NTCA. As such, NTCA’s members are in a special position to help market the communities they serve, as well as bring various community members together to […]

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A Network of Networks

With over 80,000 route miles of middle mile fiber and hundreds of points of presence, INDATEL and its partners have become an important part of the Internet infrastructure that connects the rural and urban parts of America. In the above interview, INDATEL Executive Director, Max Huffman talks about the importance and challenges of interoperability with so […]

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The Road to FTTH Success Begins With….

Even before the first fiber is pulled and equipment selected, the road to Fiber to the Home success begins with cost accounting. In the above interview, filmed at the 2015 Minnesota Telecom Alliance Annual Conference and Convention, Darrell Bolen, Director, Separations of FARR Technologies, points to the important interplay that needs to take place between […]

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“Rural America Is a Big Part of America” #Summit21

It’s one thing to talk about or even see pictures of rural America, but it doesn’t compare to experiencing it first hand. Last April at the ACA 2014 Convention, I had a chance to catch up with the lone Representative from the very rural state of Vermont. Interspersed in the above interview with Representative (D-VT) Peter Welch are some images captured […]

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A Teacher Teaching Tech to Telecom

Telecom cooperative director, mother of young children, entrepreneur, technologist and educator are adjectives that could describe Carissa Swenson of TechTECS. It is this last adjective, educator, that is the common thread that binds her numerous activities. Prior to starting her own business, Swenson was a teacher with the state of North Dakota, which led to helping schools […]

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