An Eagle Eye on Delivering State-of-the-Art Communications

“The Internet is one of those shining spots that’s really allowed industry to grow, allowed small businesses and even the smallest parts of our world they are able to compete because of the Internet and there has been a light-regulatory touch.” said Gary Shorman at TIS 17. As President and CEO of employee-owned Eagle Communications in rural Kansas, Shorman has an informed perspective of what is necessary to bring broadband to rural America.

In the above interview, he discusses how his company and many others have rebuilt their broadband infrastructure several times, while other infrastructures, such as water, sewer and transportation languish. He points to the ongoing maintenance and operational needs, which are magnified in rural areas where fixed costs are shared by fewer customers, as compared to urban areas. And with the rise of bad cyber actors, security adds to the challenges of providing an excellent broadband experience.

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