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Old School Texting with A&E at #TIS18

Pen and paper is sometimes the best way to draw attention in today’s world of continuous electronic distraction. A&E traveled back to the future at the 2018 Independent Show to engage people with postcards featuring pictures of A&E shows. Their non-flashy booth featured an old-time communications device,; a post office box, where attendees could mail […]

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Connecting Loved Ones at #CES2019 & Beyond

Finding a way to connect to her bedridden grandmother in a far-off nursing home was the impetus for Nelly Meunier and her sibling to invent a new way of sharing photos and video with people who aren’t able to navigate the smartphone paradigm. In the above interview, Meunier, CEO, and Co-Founder of Sunday, demonstrates what […]

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Social Media – It Takes a Team

Rosie Berg of Pinnacle, a publisher of directories and web applications, pointed out in her MTA presentation that it takes a team to keep up with social media. She provided an overview of the many online tools that are available for an operator to stay in contact with its prospects and customers. One take-away, in […]

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