Connecting Loved Ones at #CES2019 & Beyond

Finding a way to connect to her bedridden grandmother in a far-off nursing home was the impetus for Nelly Meunier and her sibling to invent a new way of sharing photos and video with people who aren’t able to navigate the smartphone paradigm. In the above interview, Meunier, CEO, and Co-Founder of Sunday, demonstrates what is essentially a private social network.

The design of this network centers around accessibility. For instance, the remote controls designed for a delicate hand and has purpose-built buttons to make it easy to interact with the TV, as well as provide reactions to the person sharing the photos and video. For the person sharing their media, there is a Sunday smartphone app that makes it easy to select only those photos and videos she wants to share.

Image courtesy of Sunday

Within the room, Sunday’s purpose-built set-top connects to the Internet and provides an HDMI-connection to the television. Although the Sunday service is direct to consumer, there is also an interesting B2B angle as Assisted living facilities can use it as a value-add for both the aforementioned private sharing network, but as another communications tool they can use for their residents.

As seen in the above video, it even works on the congested CES2019 tradeshow floor.

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