More Than a One Hit Wonder #CES2019

Are the crowd-sourced, funded projects of today similar to the so-called one-hit wonders of the popular music scene? It is easier than ever to turn an idea into a product and prove its viability by finding customers willing to finance its creation and production. But what happens after the initial product run that satisfies the backers, but doesn’t lead to more sales?

This is the problem that the founders of We The People (WTP) are aiming to solve with their new concept of a retail store. More than a retail store, they are creating a retail experience centered around innovative crowd-sourced products. A big part of this experience is to provide demonstrations, the way a creator would.

They are also using their experience to help creators convert their ideas to reality through its partnership with design firm allocacoc. As part of the experience, they “livefund” projects, where potential customers can interact with new product ideas in person. And for the inventor, they offer support through their meetups or FCBC (For Creators By Creators).

With stores in Singapore, Malaysia and the U.S. (St. Louis), WTP is still early in its expansion. Although their initial stores are WTP-owned, they see the potential for franchising their model.

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