Invisible & Visible Light for Secure Communications #CES2019

Up to 100 Mbs securely shared over 16 people is what OLEDCOMM promises with its LiFi solution. As OLEDCOMM CEO, Benjamin Azoulay explains at CES2019, light doesn’t pass through walls like radio signals (WiFi), so their LiFi approach makes for an excellent way to wirelessly transmitting secure information within confined spaces.

OLEDCOMM envisions an array of applications, including business, hospitals, and airplanes. To this application, the advantage of LiFi goes beyond speed and security and includes weight reduction. Azoulay explains that fiber optic cables are used to transmit the signals represent a weight reduction compared to traditional copper cables.

Another application, which is mentioned in the above interview, is the potential for bi-directional communication in connected and autonomous vehicles. Magnet-Marelli, also speaking at CES2019, talks about how OLEDCOMM”s LiFi offers the potential for new applications, including geo-targeted advertising, a path for secure authentication of parking spots and more.

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