Managed Broadband TV – A Decade Old Overnight Success

Editor’s Note: The above video and the following notes represent what was presented as opening comments at the NTCA Southeast Regional meeting in Savannah, GA. The purpose was to set the baseline for a discussion regarding the latest developments in delivery of video services. Non-technical directors of telecom cooperatives were the target audience for this […]

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Local Sports Everywhere with No CableCARD

From the Pinewood Derby to collegiate sports, the BCSN networks carry local sports that are of interest to residents of the Toledo and Lima, Ohio area. There are several things that make the BCSN networks unique: The content creation is through a partnership with Buckeye CableSystem and its sister organization, the Toledo Blade newspaper. Together, they […]

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Fiber to the Hunter’s Creek – Fiber to the Home Pioneer

One of the effects of the rapid pace of innovation is that history is also created faster than in centuries past. In trying to keep up with the present, it is easy to forget or downplay the relatively recent past. These thoughts were going through the back of my mind in a recent interview with […]

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Fiber Network Powering Broadband & Now Video

The juxtaposition of a fiber optic cable on a dirt road paints the picture of many parts of rural America and glimpses of the stark contrast in infrastructures can be seen in the above video. With 1,300 miles of recently deployed fiber and an average of 2.5 customers per mile, United Electric Cooperative is providing broadband […]

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OTT & Pay TV Blending

“Consumers just want to consume their content,” said Albert Lai of Brightcove. The challenge is making it easy for the consumer to select and view content while adhering to the business rules of the content owners, regardless of location and type of device the viewer has. In the above video, Lai suggests some methods, beyond […]

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Set-Top on a Stick

TVF explains their approach for eliminating the set-top box in their International CES debut. Their set-top is similar in size to a USB stick and connects to an IPTV system via integrated WiFi and to the TV via HDMI. It uses the USB power from the television set, eliminating the need for an AC input. […]


GoogleTV as an Operator’s Middleware

Two-plus years since its release and the verdict as to whether GoogleTV will be a consumer success is still to be determined. The Trojan horse into the consumers’ living room for GoogleTV could be the operator. At the  TV NEXT 2012 conference, start-up, iRevo, demonstrated its application of GoogleTV as a multiscreen middleware. With Google’s acquisition of […]

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The Operator App Store

“It’s a competitive issue. They [Operators] want to be offering these solutions on their platforms so that their customers don’t go somewhere else,” said David Adams VP Corporate Development for Accedo. Adams was referring to the idea that operators are beginning to offer app stores to stay relevant in a world where over-the-top is causing […]

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Video Anywhere over Anything

Sang Kim and Tal Sliwowicz of Tversity talk about transcoding and packaging signals at the home and how they are offering this capability to service providers, in the above video filmed at Parks Associates’ 2011 Connections Conference . What started out as a product for the PC is migrating to home gateway-type boxes and could even find its […]

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An App for That with Paul Bunyan Communications

A telco as an app developer?  Leo Anderson of Paul Bunyan Communications proves that is happening in this interviewed recorded at the 2011 MTA Annual Convention.  Appropriately enough, the theme of the show was, “There’s an App for that.”  Anderson talks about the motivation behind the iPhone app they developed, how it works with their […]

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