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Virtual Museum Display in a Box and More #AWE2019

A zoo without a live animal, a high school lab that allows students to explore a beating human heart, or a realistic rendering of an architect’s design are just a few of the potential use-cases for the Looking Glass Pro, holographic display. Looking Glass Factory Co-Founder and CTO, Alex Hornstein, describes this unit as “a […]

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A Platform for Pokémon Go and More #AWE16

Summer 2016 may be marked in history as the year that Augmented Reality turned the corner in terms of widespread adoption thanks to Pokémon Go. And the experience is somewhat crude, compared to what will soon be possible in the near future. At last month’s Augmented World Expo 2016, Osterhaus Design Group gave a glimpse of the future with smart […]

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A Hybrid Gaming Device

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo and their associated game consoles were, as usual, center stage at this year’s premier gaming conference E3. PC gaming by one estimate and measure has a 20% market share and isn’t going away. As a proof-point, the Piston Console from Xi3 is the latest in a series of micro-mini PCs that […]

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Ultra HD 4K Here Today

Ultra HD 4K video was everywhere at NAB 2014. Netflix’s launch of its House of Cards TV series in this format, which offers 4 times the definition of current high-definition programming, indicates that it is rapidly moving from camera to eyeball. Parks Associates research reinforces the idea of relatively fast consumer acceptance of Ultra HD 4K video […]

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In the Zone – Part 3

At first glance, nothing could be more frivolous than a pair of $100 “ears” that react to brainwaves. Like so many things, one needs to try them to really appreciate how well they actually work. They sort of force one to concentrate, as can be seen in the above interview when the ears become part […]

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From Physical to Digital Distribution

Content of all type is moving from physical to digital distribution, so says Pietro Macchiarella, Research Analyst with Parks Associates.  Macchiarella adds that content protection and the rich data that digital distribution provides are common discussion points regardless of content type (e.g. video, music, gaming). He also provides his views of the recent E3 gaming conference. […]

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