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Welcome Kids of All Ages to the 3D Universe

Just like the world isn’t flat, neither is space. But how to convey that to humans who can’t see the depth of objects that are millions of miles away? The authors of the new #1 book, Welcome to the Universe in 3D: A Visual Tour, came up with a clever way for humans to see […]

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3D Eyes with a 360 Degree View #CES2017

A 360 degree, 3D (8 cameras), 4k per camera resolution, with 8 stereo audio pairs are the vital specifications for the Vuze from Humaneyes Technologies. Controlled by a smart phone, this $799 device offers a relatively low-cost way of capturing immersive content, ideal for virtual reality headset displays. The accompanying editing software stitches together the separate […]

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Eyes in the Back of My Head

“Eyes in the back of my head, a phrase that most kids have probably heard at least once from their mothers, is becoming reality in the form of racquetball-size cameras, like the one featured in this interview with Bubl CEO & Founder, Sean Ramsay. Ramsay demonstrates the Bublcam, Bubl’s four sensor camera/camcorder that provides a full […]

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Exchanging Ideas and Content

“We all need content. We all need a platform for that,” said Edward Hinson of the video exchange. The video exchange was created by Skyline Membership Corporation, a North Carolina Communications Service Provider, to address the challenge of providing enough fresh, quality content for its local content channel. The video exchange made its debut at […]

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A Hybrid Cloud Media Exchange

“Sharing a single standard format, which is what we were doing before, gets kind of clunky,” said Jesse Lerman president and CEO of TelVue at the 2013 NAB Conference.  By integrating transcoding into its Content Media Exchange, TelVue is able to allow content owners to share content in one format (e.g. a mezzanine level), while […]

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From Static to Dynamic

At NAB 2013, TELiBrahma announced the release of Point 360, an, “Augmented reality marketing platform for brands and agencies that connects image recognition, video recognition, social integration and geo-targeting technology from TV to Print to Mobile.” ViodiTV got a glimpse of this development at CES, as seen in the above interview with TELiBrahma’s Manoj Panedka. […]

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The Piracy Continuum

Stuart Rosove of Irdeto explains the nuance associated with identifying content theft. In this interview, he explains the framework for how Irdeto looks at the content security continuum. Ensuring easy access to the legitimate consumer on whatever device she wants is one of the problems Irdeto is trying to solve. Rosove points out a number […]

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A “Jinni” to Find “I Dream of Jeannie” and more

The shortcomings of the traditional television grid guide is what drove Yosi Glick’s push to find a better way for people to discover content. Jinni’s approach uses algorithms to extract meaning from the synopsis of television shows. With 2,200 tags, their genome approach creates a user-centric guide. As such, they are looking to provide content […]

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Discovery and Learning in Silicon Valley

“Learning is the process of discovering and exploring,” says former student and ClassConnect founder, Eric Simons.  Simons talks about the importance of putting rich (e.g. video, audio, interactivity) content into the hands of students to engage them in the learning process.  His company, ClassConnect, has content curation and creation tools that fit into a teacher’s […]

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Cloud-Based Local Content

Using the cloud to deliver local, linear and on-demand content is what Jesse Lerman of TelVue demonstrates in this brief video interview at the 2012 OTTCON (Over the Top Conference) in Santa Clara, CA.  TelVue has taken their base product, which is deployed in hundreds of headends and local access channel origination stations, and moved […]

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