Inspiring Intrepreneurship at The Cable Center

Inspiring individuals to be entrepreneurs within an organization is one of the ways The Cable Center is helping move the telecom industry forward. Speaking at the 2022 Independent Show, The Cable Center President and CEO, Diane Christman introduces Camilla Formica, who is The Cable Center’s newly appointed Chief Program Officer. In that role, Formica is helping lead their programs, such as the Intrapreneurship Academy, to help telecom organizations. recruit, develop, engage, and retain talent.

As Formica points out, the purpose is to inspire innovation in every part of an organization, not just those associated with technology. What Christman and Formica espouse about innovation and entrepreneurial behavior fits with the organization’s roots, which was founded by some of the entrepreneurs who built the cable industry. This is an especially great resource for the smaller operator, as there are no membership costs, it has an extensive digital presence, and it is open to anyone.

The Cable Center has an incredible historical archive with over 400 oral histories. Its Cable Hall of Fame is where the past, present, and future converge. In the above interview, Christman announces one of the 2022 recipients, Patty Boyers, founder of Boycom and current ACA Connects Chairman. Having co-founded the Boycom cable system in the 1990s, Boyers personifies the type of entrepreneur who built the cable industry and who is a model for future industry leaders.

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