Circular Shower = Less Water and a Better Environment #CES2022

A Kelowna, British Columbia wife and husband team have turned their passion for the environment into a better shower. RainStick’s product focuses on the efficient use of a drop of water. That is, by cleansing and recirculating that drop up to six times, Rainstick Shower indicates there is an 80% reduction in water use and up to 80% energy savings.

In the above interview, RainStick Shower CEO, Alisha McFetridge, explains that this product not only helps the environment but improves the shower experience with a flow rate of two times greater than a traditional shower. From a health perspective, the cleansing process removes bacteria and viruses, according to McFetridge.

The water treatment is a three-stage process consisting of a micron filter, injection of hot water, and, finally, ultraviolet LEDs. McFetridge likens the RainStick to an appliance, as it is a self-contained system that continually monitors its operation.

The smart aspects of this shower system minimize maintenance requirements to a once-a-month filter cleaning. McFetridge compares the maintenance requirements as similar to what one would do to clean a coffee pot. The FAQs suggest the maintenance requires the replacement of an Original Cleaning Product. Pricing for a 6-month supply of Original Cleaning Product is $39 ($50 CAD). The WiFi connection and associated smart app provide maintenance reminders, as well as metrics on real-time energy and water savings.

An interesting feature, mentioned in RainStick Shower’s FAQs, is the ability to control water temperature by talking to a voice assistant. A prankster could have a lot of fun with this feature.

Installation is not a typical do-it-yourself project and requires a skilled plumber. Although it requires electricity, McFetridge points out that the requirements are similar to what is needed for heated floors. She points out that RainStick Shower meets the safety requirements from UL and ASME.

McFetridge suggests a typical 5-year return on investment with the typical $500 to $700 annual water savings. Of course, those savings will vary, depending upon where one lives. She points out that this ROI is for projects that are new construction and/or bathroom renovation projects.

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