The Connected Shower #CES2016

Inspired by his four daughters’ excessive use of the shower, a father sought a way to reduce his family’s water consumption. Gabriel Della-Molina explains how the Hydrao shower head communicates water usage based on the color of its integrated LEDs.

Powered via water flow, this unique IoT device also transmits its sensor information to an accompanying application via Bluetooth Low Energy. At $99, it priced comparably to non-connected shower heads. The app allows tracking of water usage, as well as offering the potential to pit family members or friends in potential contests.

This could be a boon for water agencies looking for ways to encourage people to voluntarily reduce water use. According to Della-Molina, the device works, as he is now able to enjoy hot water, as his daughters no longer drain his hot water tank with long, water-wasting showers.

[Note, the following was added 1/4/17]

Hydrao Drop - adds smart capabilities to existing showerheads.
Introduced at CES2017, Hydrao Drop – adds smart capabilities to existing showerheads.

CES2017 saw the introduction of two new products from Hydrao:

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