A Culture of Passion and Humility as the Foundation for Broadband

“Culture is one of the key investments you can make in a company,” says Rick Petersen. Speaking at Fiber Connect 2021, Petersen, president/CEO of Peak Internet, emphasizes that investments in technology, such as Fiber to the Home networks, will be worthless without the right kind of culture.

Intentional in its efforts to create a culture of passion and humility, Peak Internet has sought out the best practices of other companies. For instance, Petersen explains how the Peak Internet’s management team took a field trip to learn from another Oregon-based business, Umpqua Bank. Umpqua is well regarded for its exceptional customer service.

This isn’t a one-time effort as Peak Internet uses videos and the written word to reinforce their culture. Titles on the Peak Internet’s reading list include:

Finally, Petersen points out that the culture of treating customers with respect starts internally by treating employees and fellow staff with respect. To some extent, the culture he describes is a necessity when local management works in the communities where they live.

Watch part 2 here, where Rick provides a token of Peak Internet’s culture.

This video was made possible by Calix.

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