Cable Expansion by Serving the Underserved #TIS19

“They are kind of the new cable cowboys,” exclaims Kathrine Gessner, president of MCTV, in the above interview. Gessner is referring to the excitement of the MCTV crews in rebuilding a cable system that they acquired. Growth by acquisition is relatively new for MCTV and their first target came via the classifieds.

MCTV is actively looking for areas in Ohio that are underserved by video and, by extension broadband. They have found a couple of abandoned cable systems by following the old cables to what used to be the headends. Having a Fiber to the Home (FTTH) architecture allows them to cost-effectively extend beyond their traditional franchise area.

Simply, FTTH eliminates active components in the field, reducing the ongoing cost of maintenance and support. Further, Gessner credits a great working relationship with Horizon Telecom for providing mid-mile connections to these new service territories.

[Via a September 21st, 2020 email exchange, Gessner reports that they are still actively seeking growth by serving the unserved and have “purchased two more systems this year.”]

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