Collecting More Than Data

“There is a lot of value of the data that exists in the network,” stated Open Vault CEO and Founder, Mark Trudeau at NCTC’s WEC2019. Trudeau was speaking about the idea of using data to understand where to invest to create the biggest impact for both an operator’s customers and to maximize return.

He explained that Open Vault combines multiple data sources inherent to an operator’s operation, such as billing systems, network equipment, and in-home devices, provides the intelligence to turn data into insight.

At WEC2019, Open Vault launched an initiative, OV Cares, that allows attendees to drop off sundries, that would otherwise go to waste, at the Open Vault booth. They then bring this to a local agency that distributes these items to those in need; a great effort that reflects the community outreach that ACA Connects and NCTC members exhibit in their own communities every day.

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