From Broadband to Preserving Wilderness & Wetlands

One of the joys of reporting on the rural broadband industry is getting to know the people who are bringing the Internet to their neighbors. A common trait of these people is that they are so much more than their job and, often, their community contributions, whether as a volunteer firefighter, local school board member or other civic organization, amounts to another full-time job.

All West Communications‘ Marty Carollo exemplifies this community spirit through his volunteer work with the conservation group, Ducks Unlimited. As the current State Chair for Wyoming for Ducks Unlimited, Carollo is part of a network of volunteers that just completed a 6-year fundraising drive that raised $2.34 billion for wetlands and waterfowl conservation of more than 2.2 million acres from the breeding grounds of the prairies and Boreal Forest to the wintering habitats of Mexico across North America.

In the above interview, Carollo explains how his professional and volunteer roles complement each other and help him find the synergies between the communications and conservation industry. Ultimately, Carollo says getting things done comes down to relationships and Carollo indicates that both ACA Connects and Ducks Unlimited are critical to building those relationships.

ACA Connects Summit coverage brought to you by the ACA Connects and ViodiTV. Thank you Ducks Unlimited for the footage used in the above video.

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  1. […] As would be expected of someone who was awarded the Lyn Simpson Grassroots Spirit Award, in addition to his work with ACA Connects, Carollo is on the advisory board of the Sweetwater Economic Development Corporation and a long-time volunteer for Ducks Unlimited (see this ViodiTV interview with him on that role). […]

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