From Marine Biologist to Grassroots Spirit Award Winner – #TIS22

One would not expect a former marine biologist to win the 2022 ACA Connects Lyn Simpson Grassroots Spirit Award. But serving local communities, which is the essence of that important award, is in Marty Carollo’s blood. His grandfather brought cable television to his part of  “The Equality State” in 1956 and Marty grew up in the business.

After high school, Carollo left his land-locked state to pursue his dream in marine biology.  As he stated to Road Trip Nation,

“After 10 years of hitting every dream I could ever have wished for, my career paths changed.”

That path led him back to his birthplace of Green River, Wyoming, and the family business. Initially, that meant leading the rollout of digital cable television and high-speed Internet on a network that was originally known as Community Antenna Television.

With the acquisition of Sweetwater Television by All West Communications, Carollo’s role changed once again. His current title, Strategic Partnerships for All West Communications, is really about community, whether that is working with the local communities All West serves, or at the national level working with ACA Connects members, regulators, and legislators.

He likens what he does now to his earlier role as a marine biologist. As a marine biologist, he taught people about the oceans. Now, he educates legislators and others about the importance and challenges of bringing broadband to rural areas.

As would be expected of someone who was awarded the Lyn Simpson Grassroots Spirit Award, in addition to his work with ACA Connects, Carollo is on the advisory board of the Sweetwater Economic Development Corporation and a long-time volunteer for Ducks Unlimited (see this ViodiTV interview with him on that role).

It is clear from the above interview that he is extremely appreciative of the ACA Connects’ recognition. He says it is easy to be passionate when around so many like-minded people. It is obvious that Marty brings that passion to all of his endeavors.

[Note, Marty has some great career advice in the previously cited Road Trip Nation article.]

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