Matt Polka’s Social Media Bet

“A fun way to communicate and a fun way to learn,” is how Matt Polka describes his social media efforts. He says that social media is a very effective way to build and maintain relationships. Social media help Polka eliminate the friction of distance and time in communicating with ACA members across the U.S.A., as well as regulators and legislators who are concentrated in Washington D.C.

Regardless where Polka is physically, it is apparent that his heart remains in his home town of Pittsburgh. Like many of his ACA members who are loyal to their hometowns, Polka could be called an unofficial ambassador for “The Burgh”. The easy thing for Matt would have been to move to Washington D.C., where much of his work is, but he chose to raise his family in Sixburgh.

His loyalty and knowledge of Pittsburgh’s sports teams, along with his quick wit and seemingly fast fingers, could qualify him to be a color announcer. His Tweets in the first game of the Stanley Cup playoffs allowed this author to follow the action, even after having lost radio reception. This match was extra special for yours truly as it pitted the team from the Valley of the Heart’s Delight against Polka’s squad from The Steel City.

The series inspired a gentlemen’s bet, whereby the fan of the losing team would have to wear the winner’s jersey or t-shirt. What wasn’t expected was that the winner would gift their team’s sportswear to the loser of the bet (as well as gift it to his son). Leave it to Matt for being so gracious in winning.

But, there is a bigger message and that is, social media, if done right, can build and nurture relationships, even it is just not possible to meet in person as often as you would like.

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