Smart Homes Means Smarter Cars

Home used to be where we slept at night. But with the rise of the connected car with entertainment options aplenty, will the car someday become almost like a mobile extension of one’s domicile?

In the above interviewed, filmed at the Internet of Things World in Santa Clara, CA, Parks Associates’ Jennifer Kent talks about her recent research that looked at the relationship between consumers’ use of “smart” technologies and entertainment in the home and their vehicles.

Kent suggests that their research indicates that interest in an “away from home” feature, whereby the departure or arrival of one’s vehicle will trigger smart home actions (e.g. turn-on the lights), jumps from about 20% interest for people who don’t have smart home devices to 40% for those with smart home devices. Applications, such as entertainment on the go, have similar interest.

Although the model is still evolving she believes network operators in a good position, as consumers would prefer to have “connected car” data plans billed in one bucket of minutes. Still, as she points out, we will continue to see a blurring of home and car, as network-based intelligence binds these two distinct living spaces.

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