The Foundation of the Connected Home – #CES2022

“It was really important to start off our day talking about really the foundation of the smart home, which is the connectivity layer,” says Jennifer Kent, Vice President, Research, Parks Associates. In the above interview, Kent provides an overview of the panel she moderated which featured a mix of in-home connectivity providers (Airties, Calix, and Plume) and a service provider (Cox Homelife). This panel set the stage for the rest of the CONNECTIONS™ Summit at CES 2022 as the home network has to be solid, reliable, and secure, stresses Kent.

To this last point about security, one of the important takeaways from this fast-paced and informative panel is that people are willing to pay for security. As Kent points out, putting that security at the gateway level, takes the burden off the consumer from having to secure an increasingly connected home.

For service providers, the gateway provides the foundation for the connected home. As importantly, it is about adding value through services such as parental controls. Providers now look to service upgrades via software, instead of truck rolls. It is about simplifying the customer experience and ultimately reducing churn by providing a better experience than the alternative of a bring your own router approach.

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