A Protector from the Digital Dark Alleys of the Internet #CES2016

Even though we know we should have some sort of protection, the convenience of public WiFi access often outweighs the potential dangers of spoofing and sniffing that lurk around the digital dark alleys of the Internet. Amsterdam-based Keezel has come up with a one-button, simple to use device that goes between a public WiFi hotspot and up to 5 or 6 personal devices (it also has battery back-up to potentially power one of those devices), which protects the data flying across the airwaves by adding a layer of encryption.

Keezel partners with Virtual Provider Network providers PureVPN, Le VPN and ProXPN to offer customers network access that has at a least 256-bit encryption. Keezel takes additional steps beyond encryption to secure data, as well as customer information, as indicated in a February 22nd, 2016 press release:

“All of Keezel’s VPN partners have ZERO logging policies, at least 256-bit encryption and the Keezel device itself provides an additional layer of privacy by completely separating customer information and Internet traffic data, which are handled (not monitored) on the Keezel and provider sides, respectively.”

In a follow-up email, Keezel explained that they “will support criminal investigations with due process in place.” With no backdoor into the encryption and no log files, their ability to assist investigations, however, will probably be limited.

Applications for this range from personal to business use. As Keezel Co-founder and COO Friso Schmid indicates in the above video, a pair of these devices may be used to provide “geo-location shifting”; effectively allowing consumers to extend their home network anywhere. This feature also allows geo-fenced video streaming services to be extended beyond the home. As alluded to in the above video, their could be a potential opportunity for service providers wishing to help their customers have more secure connections both inside and outside their home and small business.

A basic service is included with the $99 cost of the device, while a premium service that supports simultaneous streaming of two HD movies costs $5 per month. It is available for pre-order on Indigogo and has a planned ship date of June 2016.


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